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Range Operation:

Rain, Sun, Wind & Snow or weather permitting.
Call to set up special events.

P.O. Box 1028
Ontario, Oregon 97914

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Range Operations Guide

1. General. Live firing conducted at the Snake River Sportsmen, Inc. Complex (SRS) is designed to provide authorized personnel access to a facility where they can become proficient with privately owned firearms.

2. Facilities Available for Use. Range availability is at the discretion of the Snake River Sportsmen, Inc. Board of Directors (the Board). Live-fire shooting is normally limited to the following ranges and equipment.

a. Outdoor Range (Vale, Oregon) – Rifles of .50 caliber center fire or smaller; pistols and shotguns of any caliber or gauge. (No tracer ammunition.) .50 caliber BMG allowed only with written approval of the Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) or the Board.

b. Shotgun Range (Ontario, Oregon) – Shotguns only. No shot larger than 71⁄2 and no shells with more than 31⁄4 Dram Equivalent.

3. Range Limitations and Safety Requirements. Live-fire shooters will:

a. Fire only on scheduled ranges and have a Range Officer or Discipline Director present at all organized matches.
b. Fire only authorized firearms and ammunition.
c. Fire at authorized targets only. Metal silhouette targets are to be used for silhouette matches only and not for recreational shooting.
d. No exploding targets of any type may be used.
e. Placing targets outside the range boundaries and outside the designated impact area shall not be permitted without written approval from the board.
f. No permanent targets may be erected anywhere on the Vale range without the written permission of the board.
g. Temporary targets placed on the established impact area must be removed when you leave the range.
h. Metal targets (other than existing metal silhouette targets) shall not be allowed anywhere on the Vale range without written permission from the board.
i. Ensure all projectiles impact within the established range safety limits.
j. Ensure range flags are displayed on the firing line at the outdoor range during all NRA sanctioned matches.
k. Have radio or telephonic communication between line officer and pit for high power rifle matches.
l. Call "Cease firing" and make safe all firearms before a shooter moves forward of the firing line or during any unsafe condition.
m. Call "Cease firing" if a firing line becomes staggered (one shooter forward of another) anywhere on the range complex.
n. Use appropriate ear and eye protection.
o. Notify the Range Officer, Discipline Director or a club officer of any safety infractions.
p. Police all brass, paper, and other debris that accumulates on the range. Dispose of them in the containers provided.

4. Authorized & Prohibited Firearms. Fully automatic firearms are authorized. However, the owner must contact the Board for approval prior to the live-fire event. The Board can deny automatic fire for any reason. The member must possess the proper Federal licenses and all required paperwork must be in compliance with all Federal and State laws.

5. Authorized Personnel. The following persons are allowed to fire on the Snake River Sportsmen's Range Complex:

a. Current members of the shooting club.

b. Invited guests of the above, provided the authorized person is present and assumes full responsibility for the conduct of his or her guest(s).

c. Personnel approved by the club officers or the Board on a case-by-case basis.

d. The general public is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in all club-organized events.

6. Shooting Club Members Responsibilities:

a. Shooters will conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times and will be responsible for the conduct of any guest(s) they bring.

b. All shooters are responsible for their guns and ammunition while on the complex.

c. Firearms that are out of the case and not being fired must be benched (actions are to be open or bolts are to be removed at all times.)

d. Members are reminded to leave the range in better shape than found. All spent cartridge cases and target materials are to cleaned-up and disposed of properly.

e. Cans and bottles are NOT approved targets.

In the event of a serious accident and/or medical emergency: Range Safety Officers at a Club sanctioned event or Club members using the range on an individual basis will:

1. Take charge of the situation. (determine the seriousness of the injury and assign duties)

2. Call for help by radio or cell phone. (911 or Malheur County Sheriff, 541-473-5125)

3. Render First Aid.

4. Direct help to the location.

5. Take accurate notes, obtain an Accident Report Form from the SRS secretary and file said form with the Board of SRS.

Please remember, Membership in Snake River Sportsmen is a privilege, not a right. Violation of any range safety rules as outlined in this Range Operations Guide can result in loss of membership