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Safety, Education & Family Recreation In Shooting Sports

Range Operation:

Rain, Sun, Wind & Snow or weather permitting.
Call to set up special events.

P.O. Box 1028
Ontario, Oregon 97914

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Small Bore Indoor


We have been going over to the Nampa Rod and Gun Club Indoor Range about two weeks now which is our normal schedule shooting Small Bore Rifle and Pistol basically in a practice mode in preperation for the Idaho State Rifle and Pistol Winter Postal Matches. The Idaho Rifle and Pistol Association has been putting these Winter Postal Matches on for many years; at least fifteen or twenty that I've participated in and some before that. We will be starting the Winter Postals the second week of January which translates out to Friday, January 13th, for SRS. The Winter Postals run for nine consecutive weeks so we finish up about mid March. ( just in time to start our outdoor rifle season )

We fire the standard NRA fifty foot Indoor Small Bore Rifle and Pistol Courses which consist of:

Rifle; ten shots prone in ten minutes on the NRA A17 ( Old Guys ) target, ten shots sitting in ten minutes same target, ten shots kneeling in ten minutes same target and finally ten shots standing in twenty minutes again same target. Sighting shots if you want to take them are fired on the sighter bullseye in the center of the target  and are included in the total time for each position. You can use either telescopic or iron sights in this course of fire.

Pistol; ten shots  slow fire in ten minutes on the B1 fifty foot target two five shot strings, ten shots timed fire in twenty seconds in two five shot strings on the B2 fifty foot target and ten shots rapid fire in ten seconds in two five shot strings on the B2 target. Generally we give a short sight in time prior to the competition if you need it.

You can use iron sights, telescopic sights or Aim Point type sights. ( most individuals use Aim Point type sights in some configuration) You could use a sporting type rifle such as a Ruger semi automatic but would be somewhat handicapped with that type rig in Rifle or Pistol Competition SRS has several match Grade 22 Caliber Rifles with iron sights and i have an extra personal Match grade 22 Caliber rifle with telescopic sights you are free to use Between SRS and Nampa Rod and Gun Club. We can provide spotting scopes, shooting matts, shooting gloves and some shooting jackets if you need to borrow such equipment. Nampa's are on site and I need to know if you will be coming and what you need so I can bring items out of SRS or my personal inventory. I also have a number of match grade 22 caliber target pistols you could use. Again, I need to know if you are coming on any particular night so I can bring them as I don't bring any of that equipment unless I have a request.

You will need to supply your own  22 caliber ammunition and while Nampa has eye and hearing protection, both of which are required on their range for all shooters, I would bring or get my own. They are fairly inexpensive and will be much more comfortable than those Nampa has for general use. The 'Outdoorsman' in Ontario, as well as other sporting goods dealers in our area, carry a pretty good selection of both. If you wear prescription eyeglasses they are shatter resistant and will work quite well for eye protection. The eye protection most Hardware stores sell for hobby and construction use are inexpensive and work quite well.

When you are starting in this sport you don't need match grade 22 caliber ammunition and can get by quite well with regular high speed promotional 22 long rifle ammunition. When you get a bit more experience you will likely benefit from good 22 long rifle match grade ammunition such as Winchester T22 or better.

The fee for an evenings shooting at the Nampa Rod and Gun Club is $5.00/shooter and you must be either a Member of Nampa Rod and Gun Club or a guest of a Member  ( Both Bob Batcheller and I are members so you would go as our guest ) .

Nampa Rod and Gun Club has some Range Rules that are particular to that Range and are strictly enforced which I will cover with you on your first night out there. Nothing unresonable but they have their own Range Rules for particular Ranges as do all Shooting Clubs which must be abided by for our common safety.

At this time I need a couple more shooters to make up our four person teams. If we have more than four I take the highest four individuals scores to make up the raw team score. If you are an experienced competitor that is well and good but if you are new to the game come out and we will work with you to bring you up to speed. The basics are pretty simple;  the trick is in the execution of the basics. We welcome new shooters. While we don't have a Junior Rifle Team this year we welcome older teen age  junior shooters ( say about age 15 and up).

I would like to revive our Junior Rifle Program and while it is a little late to get in competition this year if we could get it going this year we could use the year for practice and familiarization. Dr. Mike Carney and Terry Bowers ran that program successfully for many years and we still have all the Jr. equipment. Hint- hint, Terry or anyone who would like to get involved. I would be willing to help. It was a great program for junior shooters.

We carpool over to Nampa on Friday evenings leaving from Denny's parking lot in Ontario at 6:00 PM and are usually back in Ontario by about 9:45 PM. You are welcome to ride over with us or if you want to drive over yourself the address is 222 W Railroad St. in Nampa, Idaho.

If you have any questions or need to discuss anything pertaining to this you can phone me at 208 642-3556 or e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 – Dave Brown – SRS Small Bore Rifle and Pistol Director