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DATE March 10, April 14, July 14, August 11, September 15, 2019.

Sponsored by Snake River Sportsmen - For information contact:

David J. Brown, DDS Phone: 208 542-3556

2490 First Ave. South

Payette, ID 83661 djbrown1@

RULES : Current NRA rules will govern - Open to NRA/Non NRA members


CLASSIFICATION : NRA classification will be used. Category will be NRA Match Rifle, Tactical Rifle or NRA Service Rifle; metallic sights only except Tactical Rifle. All competitors will compete in their class only - we will not combine classes if there are fewer than five competitors. Unclassified competitors will compete in Master class (rule 19.2). If fewer than five high masters enter, they will compete for match winner only.

ENTRY FEE : $55.00 if SRS supplies, rifle and/or ammunition

$20.00 if competitor supplies their own rifle and ammunition.

(Make checks payable to: SNAKE RIVER SPORTSMEN, INC.)

CHALLENGE FEE : $2.00 per challenge.

POST ENTRIES : Post entries will be accepted up to the range limit.

SCORING : Competitors will be required to score.

TARGET PULLERS : Competitors will be required to pull targets.

MATCH SCHEDULE : Registration @ 8:30 am - Matches start @ 9:00 am

MATCH 1 : 2ss and 20 shots slow fire standing 200 yds., SR target 20 minutes

MATCH 2 : 2ss and 20 shots rapid fire sitting 200 yds., SR target 60 seconds per 10 shot string .

MATCH 3 : 2ss and 20 shots rapid fire prone 300 yds., SR-3 target 70 seconds per 10 shot string

MATCH 4 : 2ss and 20 shots slow fire prone 600 yds., MR-1 target 20 minutes.

MATCH 5 : Aggregate of Matches 1 - 4.

AWARDS : Awards will be medallions based on Match 5 only with one place awarded for each five competitors in each class, with a separate plaque award for the Match Winner.

DIRECTIONS TO RANGE : The SRS outdoor range is located approximately two miles south of Vale, Oregon on Glenn St.. Standard highway signs to the range are located on the west end of Town and on Glenn St.

Dry Camping is allowed; contact D.J Brown for arrangements


NRA Approved Sporting Rifle Match

Don Johnson Memorial Match

DATE: March 9, 2019

TIME: Registration begins @ 8:30 am. Shooting starts @ 9:00 am.

LOCATION: SRS Rifle Range: 3/4 mile south of Vale, OR on Lytel Blvd.

FEE: $20 SRS Members - $23 Nonmembers

RULES: Current NRA Sporting Rifle Rules will apply.

ENTRY RESTRICTION: Open to any one - NRA membership not required, but


CLASSIFICATION: NRA classification will be used: Classes with less then three competitors

may be combined with the next highest class. Unclassified will compete in their own class.

RIFLE RULES: Rifle as defined by the current NRA Sporting Rifle Rule book.

AWARDS: Awards will be cash for match winner and each classification winner, with second or third place paid out for each. Five additional competitors awards on match 5 only. There will be a plaque presented in the memory of Don Johnson, and there is a permanent trophy with the winners name and score inscribed.

INFORMATION: David Brown 2490 1st Ave North., Payette, ID 83661

Phone: Home (208) 642-3556 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MATCH 1: 8 record rounds & 2 sighter rounds, SR target, 200 yds., 12 minute time limit, position - prone slow fire.

MATCH 2: 8 record rounds, SR target, 200 yds., 10 minute time limit, standing.

MATCH 3: 8 record rounds, SR target, 200 yds., rapid fire sitting 2-4 round strings, 30 seconds each.

MATCH 4: 8 record rounds, SR target, 200 yds., rapid fire prone 2-4 round strings, 30 seconds each.

MATCH 5: Aggregate of Match 1 - 4.

Special Note: There is no provision for alibis other than range alibis.


The SRS Vale range is located about 2 miles south of Vale Oregon on Lytel Blvd.

Standard highway signs to the range are located at the east side of town & on Lytle Blvd.

Dry camping is allowed on the range. Contact D.J. Brown for arrangements for camping

highpower2 2 smaller

High Power Rifle

Our next scheduled Matches will be the idaho State Service Rifle Match June the 9th and the ODCMP Excellence In Competition ( LEG ) Match the following day Saturday the 10th both at the SRS Vale Range.

Steve will post match Programs for both Matches ( Both are in one Program ) which should answer any questions  if not feel free to contact me at 208 642-3556 or e-mail me at djbrown1@srvinet and I will endeavor to answer your questions.

We continue to hold our regular Friday evening Practice Sessions at the Vale High Power Range. We shoot one position from the NRA Across the Course Matches each Friday.

Slow fire standing at 200 yds.
Rapid fire sitting at 200 yds.
Rapid Fire Prone at 300 yards
and Slow fire prone at 600 yds.
Check with Rod Davis or myself as to which course we are firing on any given Friday evening if you want to shoot some particular Stage.
Rod and I are seriously considering starting ( baby steps ) a Long Range precision addition to our High Power Rifle Program. In this Discipline you shoot metallic targets at unknown ranges. It would probably be a reduced course maybe out to 800 yds. initially on a limited number of metallic targets untill we get some experience in running this Discipline and if it takes off we would add targets and longer ranges. Travis Woodbury who has a wealth of experience in this field has said he would assist us in setting up the course of fire. I think I may have put something about this on the Club Website last month or not but we have approached the Board with the idea and received a favorable response.

We may wait till the Friends of the NRA grant Application time comes around to put in for a grant or we may just go ahead and get the material before that. This is currently the big interest thing in long range shooting and we have a great range in our Vale Range to get involved in this. It is probably the best private range in the Valley when it comes to potential for this Discipline.

Anyway Rod and I are working on it and both of us have shot the course and have the equipment less targets and target frames. That has always been the biggest drawback to introducing new shooting ventures, i.e. having some one take the ball and run with it, If you have any interest you may want to let Rod or I know so we can judge the interest in the Club

Dave Brown, SRS High Power Rifle Director


DATE: June 09 and 10, 2018
FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: David J. Brown Phone: 208-642-3556 (Home) E-mail 2490 First Ave. South., Payette, Idaho 83661
DIRECTIONS TO RANGE: Approx. 2 miles south of Vale, Oregon on Glenn St. - Standard highway signs to the range are posted in town and on Glenn St.
RULES: NRA Rules 3.1, 3.1.1,3.1.2 and 3.3.2 will govern. except that Tactical Rifle will be able to be Overall Match winner there are fewer than
CLASSIFICATION: NRA Classification will be used. Military and Civilian classes will be combined. Five or more competitors will make a class. Any class having less than 5 competitors will be combined with the next higher class. If fewer than 5 High Masters enter they will compete for Match Winner only.
OPEN TO: All NRA members and juniors of NRA affiliated clubs. All competitors must be members of their respective State Associations.
We will check membership cards. Idaho membership applications will be available during registration.

Adult Junior
45.00 Across the Board Saturday 20.00
6000 Across the Board- includes DCM, and all 35.00
Registration fees
20.00 DCM EIC Match Fees includes $10.00 DCM fee 15.00

REGISTRATION : Advance registration is requested and will start at 8:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. Entries with fees will be given priority on squadding. All fees will be returned if the competitor is unable to attend. Entries will be limited to 45 competitors.
POST ENTRIES : Will be accepted up to the range limit provided they do not delay the match or require additional relays
TARGET PULLERS: Competitors will be required to pull targets
SCORING: Competitors will be required to score.
CHALLENGE FEES: $1.00 per challenge
MATCH SCHEDULE : Saturday, June 09, 2018. Set up 8:00 AM, Sign up 8:30 AM, shooting starts @ 9:00 AM.

Match 1- 2SS and 20 shots for record standing, 200 yds. slow fire 22 minuets time limit
Match 2- 2SS and 20 shots for record standing to sitting, 200 yds. rapid fire 60 seconds per 10 shot string
Match 3- 2Ss and 20 shots for record, standing to prone, 300 yds., rapid fire, 70 seconds per 10 shot string
Match 4- 2SS and 20 shots for record, prone, 600 yds., slow fire, 22 minuets time limit
Match 5- Rapid fire aggregate, aggregate of match 2 & 3
Match 6- Slow fire aggregate, aggregate of match 1 & 4
Match 7- Grand Aggregate, aggregate of matches 1-4
Sunday, June 10, 2018 @ 9:00 AM
DCM Excellence in Competition ( LEG Match ). The EIC will be fired in accordance with DCM rules and AR 920-30 ( Program is on the other side.)
AWARDS SCHEDULE: Awards will be presented on a basis of 1st place– five or more competitors in a class , 2nd place– 8 or more competitors in a class, 3rd place– 12 or more in a class

AWARDS: Cash per schedule below (Match Winner will receive a plaque): Juniors will receive NRA Award Points
Match 1-4 Match 5-6 Match 7
Match Winner 6 7 12
1st in class 5 6 8
2nd in class 4 5 7 ’
3rd in class 3 4 6 ‘ ’
High Junior (if 3 or more ) 10
High Lady (if 3 or more ) 10
A plaque will be awarded the Idaho resident match winner, designating them as the match winner of the Idaho State Service Rifle Championship for 2012. In the event that a non resident has the high aggregate score, a plaque will also be awarded to them as being the non resident match winner. Overall match winner must be an Idaho resident.

COMPETITORS NOTE: Dry camping is allowed on the range contact David J. Brown for combination numbers for lock on gate . Enclosed is a CMP form that needs to be completed and presented in order to fire in the EIC match. If you already have one on file with Snake River Sportsmen from previous years you do not have to fell out a new form. Match Winner must be an Idaho resident - if a non-resident has a higher score, both will receive a plaque.
a.) RULES : This match is governed by the rules prescribed in the National Board for the Promotion for Rifle Practice ( See AR 920-30, AR 350-6 and AR 672-5-1
b.) OPEN TO : Any citizen of the United States 16 years of age or older. ( Distinguished personnel are eligible to compete for place awards only.
However if range facilities limit the number of entries which can be accepted priority will be given to Non-Distinguished competitors. ) Non - Distinguished persons may not fire for practice.
c.) COURSE OF FIRE: National Match Course
First Stage- Slow Fire.,200 yds., Target Short Range, Competitive ( SR ). 10 Shots Standing, I minuet per shot. The sling must be attached to the rifle but may not be used for support.

Second Stage- Sustained Fire, 200 yds.. Target Short Range Competitive ( SR ) 10 shots siting or kneeling from standing, 60 seconds firing time.

Third Stage- Sustained Fire, 300 yds.. Target new Short Range Competitive ( SR-3 ). 10 shots prone from standing, 70 seconds firing time
Fourth Stage- Slow Fire, 600 yds.. Target, new, midrange. Competitive ( MR-1 ) . 20 shots prone. 1 minute per shot
d.) ARM: US Rifle caliber 30 M1/M1NM.; US Rifle Caliber 7.62mm M1/N.;. US Rifle 7.62mm M14m/NM or civilian equivalent having not less than a 4 ½ pound trigger pull with standard stock and sights as issued; or the US Caliber 5.56mm M16 series or the commercial equivalent as prescribed for use in the National Matches .
e.) AMMUNITION: All ammunition used must be pointed tip, full metal jacket. The projectile may have a "ballistic" hollow point such as that used in current M852 arsenal match round, Ammunition may be either commercial manufactured or hand loads and will be provided by the competitor.
f.) TRIGGERS: All triggers must be weighed prior to the start of the match and may be re weighed any time at the discretion of the match officials.
2. SQUADDING: Squadding will be accomplished at the time of entry for the match. Persons sharing equipment should be squadded together to insure they are put on appropriate relays.
3. ENTRY FEES: Entry fees for this match will be $20 and must be paid at the time of squadding
NOTE: THE CMP ELIGIBILITY AFFIDAVIT AND LIABILITY AGREEMENT MUST BE COMPLETE PRIOR TO FIRING IN THE CMP EIC MATCH. If you have an affidavit on file with the Snake River Sportsmen there is no need to complete a new form

– Dave Brown, SRS HP Rifle Director