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 MG 0736r

Practical Pistol

The last match of the year attracted eight shooters on Oct. 27, 2018. Tom Bond placed first, followed by Dave Bowen and John Purcell.

Weather and holidays will keep us from staging any matches until early 2019. Hopefully the range will be reasonably dry by the fourth Saturday in March or April.

Thank you to everyone who participated. This is a group effort and many people helped with setting up and clearing away each match, as well as with basic chores like taping targets and policing brass. If you see Howard, thank him for loaning his personal equipment and expertise to help us keep score.

Emerging issues for 2019 include: 1) the need to repair the north storage unit as it leaks and the floor is in bad shape, 2) continuing cleanup and organization, to include removal of the rusting tank remnants, 3) discussion about minimum calibers, i.e., allow .22, .22 mag, .380, etc.?, 4) determining if new equipment is needed and how to acquire it, to include a tablet as we are not entitled to use Howard’s forever, 5) identifying a new director.

– Brian Zanotelli

 MG 0736r

Practical Pistol

Seventeen shooters participated on May 20, 2018. First place went to Tom Bond, followed by Elliot Hatt and Brian Zanotelli.

Mark Little won the accuracy prize: 104 "A" hits, 6 "C" hits, no misses. Bob Williams won the "single stack" and "super senior" categories.

Thank you to everyone who showed up early and stayed late to set up and clean up. The targets are heavy and the day was warm; it was awesome to share that work.

A special thank you to Howard for hauling off some random rotten wood that was becoming rodent habitat and snake attractant. Also a shout-out to Tom for designing all the stages (shooting left handed, such a joy).

Rod Davis is coordinating a raffle for a custom .45 Kimber, only 350 tickets will be sold. Thank you to those who bought tickets Saturday. The drawing will be 8/18/18.

Next match Saturday June 23, 2018 at 10 AM.

– Brian Zanotelli

 MG 0736r

Practical Pistol

(((  Fifteen shooters enjoyed a sunny day at the range on April 21, 2018. Tom Bond placed first, followed by Brian Zanotelli and Dave Bowen.

We broke into two squads and worked through the five stages rather quickly. One new shooter competed, Sandra Thompson.

Thanks to the many people who were there at 9 a.m. to assist with set-up, and to all the people who stayed to put everything away. Also thanks to Howard for bringing two tablets and his expertise to assist with scoring.

Mike was kind enough to donate 5 buckets, and the goal is to put a stapler, some staples, and tape in each bucket. Each course will have its own bucket, which may reduce some running around.

The next match will be May 26, the Saturday before Memorial Day. Cost is $10.

For detailed match results, go to, select “scores” at the top, search “snake river,” and you can see overall rankings as well as rankings for each stage.

Finally, please spread the word that the range has a “pack it in, pack it out” policy. Please use the place, but please don’t leave behind food wrappers, drink bottles, piles of empty brass, shotgun hulls, splintered wood, shards of clay pigeons, cardboard boxes, etc.  )))

– Brian Zanotelli