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Currently Snake River Sportsmen offers 3 disciplines under this section outlined below:


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Practical Pistol

Practical Pistol Shooting is a sport which challenges an individual's ability to shoot rapidly and accurately in different scenarios with a handgun. We set up a course of fire where shooters fire at a series of cardboard silhouette and steel targets. Each cardboard target must be hit twice. (unless set up to be shot at otherwise) There are also "no-shoot" targets mixed in sometimes. The shooter has to reload several times and move around the course to get to the various targets. The event is timed and the score is a combination of accuracy and speed. The course of fire will be different every month. We usually shoot through five different target courses or "stages". These are all different as well. One stage may only be steel targets, one might be a combination of steel and cardboard. One might include moving targets. One might have short and distant targets in the same stage, you never know.


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Smallbore Indoor

Smallbore rifle and pistol involves the use of .22 calibre target rifles and pistols firing .22 rimfire ammunition fired at paper or cardboard targets at distances from 15 yards up to 50 yards. The practical skills involved are very similar to those used for both full-bore and air rifle shooting with the main difference being the type of rifle and ammunition used.

We shoot at the Nampa Rod & Gun indoor range during the winter months. We meet at Denny's in Ontario and car pool over on Friday evenings. Please contact Dave Brown for more information.


22 bullets
22 Rimfire

Rimfire Challenge, introduces participants to the fun and excitement of competitive shooting in a safe, low-pressure, family-friendly format. All levels of target shooters—new, novice and experienced—are welcome to compete. Each will find a challenge appropriate to his or her level of marksmanship.

The Rimfire Challenge was developed with safety in mind. Shooters are required to compete using a rifle and handgun from any manufacturer in .22 Long Rifle caliber. The targets are steel plates that are set in a course of fire that is no less than 5 plates and no more than 7 plates. The course of fire is designed to be completed by even the most inexperienced shooter using one 10-round magazine without the need to reload “on the clock.” Steel plates were chosen as the targets because they are easy to buy or build, and because this type of target provides the shooter with immediate visual and audio feedback.